The Flaming Knights MC was founded in New Haven, CT on April 27, 1968. FKMC quickly spread through out the east coast, then around 1993/1994, Johnnie Ringo came out to the west coast where he founded Southern California.

In 2009, Sir GAT brought the fire north to Sacramento from San Diego Castle #8, and resurrected Castle #38 on July 3rd, 2010. North Fire became Nor Cal in 2011. Nor Cal later split into Oakland Castle #51, Antioch Castle #53, and Castle #38 became Capital City. Capital City returned to the original name of Nor Cal in 2020.

Royalty of the Road: Rediscovering the Original Flaming Knights of New Haven is an article written by Maia Jasper White, while she was a student at Yale. It was initially published online, but is no longer available. With her permission, we’re now hosting it here. Maia asked that we link to one of her current projects Salastina.